Fox 13:

A 2-year-old boy injured when his older sister reportedly shot him by accident Friday died of his injuries while in a hospital, and officials are urging people to review the way they store their guns and ammunition. Police officials stated Saturday morning that crews responded Friday at 6:40 p.m. to 3616 W. 2200 South in Young Ward, an unincorporated area of Cache County southwest of Logan, where the victim had been shot in the stomach with a .22 rifle.

A press release from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office states investigators believe the rifle had been used earlier in the day by the children’s father and left in the living room area of the house. The release stated the gun was “in an unloaded state but did have live rounds in the magazine. We believe the 3 year old had to manipulate the action enough to chamber a live round prior to the incident occurring.”

You know what might prompt idiots to think about "the way they store" their stupid fucking guns? The arrest, prosecution, and—if they're found guilty—imprisonment of other gun owning idiots whose improperly stored guns result in the deaths of their own children. That isn't going to happen, of course, not in America, where guns are cherished and children are expendable: authorities in Utah say they're “comfortable referring to this case as an accidental shooting" and they would like the community to view this child's extremely painful death not as a crime but as "a stark reminder of the importance of keeping all kinds of weapons out of the reach of children."

We get "stark reminders" just like this one several times a week. Maybe we need starker reminders? But could there be a starker reminder?