Miranda Blue at Right Wing Watch says the white nationalists at VDARE are complaining, again, about anti-immigration Republicans stealing their ideas:

Now, another VDARE writer is upset that more and more immigration reform opponents are pushing another VDARE argument without giving the white nationalists credit. This time, the argument is that steady or increased legal immigration – with or without a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrations – will ruin the Republican party because immigrants are inherently liberal.

When bigots start arguing that you're stealing their ideas, you know you've got a shitty idea. And this is definitely a shitty idea: Anti-immigration Republicans are basically arguing that white people need to coalesce under the Republican Party, and that the Republicans should give up on trying to win the votes of people of color. The 2012 presidential contest proved that those numbers simply aren't there anymore—that white people alone can't control the outcome of an election. Arguing for credit on this idea is like trying to take credit for filling the Hindenburg with hydrogen. But then, what else do white nationalists have to do with their time? They're politically powerless and rapidly going extinct; it stands to reason that any attention from the greater political sphere would be immensely gratifying for them.