Though Caleb Sayan, the manager of Blue Rider Designs, has made sporadic public appearances in Portland over the years, in general the Old Town-based textile library that "houses and maintains an international collection of over 40,000 textiles and original artwork" maintains a low profile. It doesn't keep public hours, for starters, and rather quietly moved from its original spot in NYC to right around the corner from my office, and boy have I got to get in there:

This textile library began in New York in 1987 and was skillfully assembled by Andrea Aranow and edited for surface designers of the most exacting standards. Its unique perspective helped them garner inspiration from unique cultural and historical sources worldwide with textile designs representing 6 continents and countless countries. Noted clients included Ralph Lauren, Vuitton, Marni, Dries van Noten, Abercrombie & Fitch and UNIQLO. The collection provides design inspiration to apparel, footwear, wallpaper, upholstery, and stationery industries. The breadth and depth of the textile designs in the collection are exceptional, showcasing aesthetic styles such as mid-century modern, art-deco, toile de Jouy, and tropicals. For whimsical prints clients can peruse French nautical themes, Japanese waves, and 1950s Americana assemblages. For vivid color inspiration a look at our original 1970’s artwork from New York or appliques from Panama and African strip weaving is bound to inspire. Handcrafted highlights from the collection include block-printed linens from England and stenciled kimono silks. The woven selection offers every surface from Japanese crepes to French tissue picks, voided velvets, and jacquards. The needlework section includes French curtains, Victorian laces, and detailed eyelets for simple elegance.

  • Blue Rider Design

Pop over to MOD to watch the video about the collection's origins, featuring some chump named Jimi Hendrix.