Now that we've been given a taste of the sunshine reality that will someday be our summertime lives, we face the annual conundrum of summer footwear. I'm not a big fan of sandals in general, truth be told, but this is always especially prickly for men, who literally have no good options. However, once again the fashion industry is bent on persuading shoe-wearers of any gender to embrace the Birkenstock. In their defense, Birks are comfortable and orthopedically sound, a classic of sorts, and construction-wise they have the flip-flop whipped in the quality department. This isn't the first time the fashion world has tried to woo us with designer versions of the slide-ons, either. So whaddya say, is 2014 the year to embrace comfort and sensibility? To overcome the lingering Birkenstock stigma? (As with all Blogtown polls, your response is legally binding.)