Taking a page from our award-winning The End Hits Playbook of Writing the Word "Hits" In Stencil-y Font, local label New Moss Records is embarking on a new compilation series, entitled Hits. The first volume of Hits will be a limited-edition cassette with 13 excellent, mostly local bands contributing, including And And And, Summer Cannibals, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, and Seattle punk champs Wimps. Even better—New Moss has arranged for not one, but three comp release shows, to take place the weekend of May 9-11.

• Fri May 9, Firkin Tavern—Summer Cannibals, Sad Horse, Charts (FREE)
• Sat May 10, The Know—And And And, Old Light, XDS ($5)
• Sun May 11, Rontoms—Grandparents, Spookies (FREE)

There will be only 300 copies of Hits Vol. 1 made, which you can pick up starting May 9 (a pre-order is available here). Meanwhile, take a peep at the impressive tracklist, as you set those plans for the weekend of May 9-11 in stone:

1. Grandparents - Pill Spectre (unreleased)
2. Wimps - DTs (unreleased)
3. Old Light - Bait & Switch (unreleased)
4. Charts - Burn Out
5. The We Shared Milk - Gross Death Beds
6. Spookies - Wet TV (unreleased)
7. XDS - MNT Wishes

1. Summer Cannibals - Summer (unreleased)
2. Wooden Indian Burial Ground - Plastic Man Man (Stuck in Time Time)
3. Still Caves - Great Recession
4. And And And - Holy Fucking Matrimony
5. Sad Horse - Still Thirsty
6. Natural Blonde - Drifting in a Haze (unreleased)