Waitasecond... you want to WHAT???

I want to fuck your girl. Wife or girlfriend, it doesn't matter, I want to fuck them. I work in the service industry (this isn't a tipping rant, THANK GOD), but I won't say where. I engage with a lot people throughout the night and, for the most part, I'm on the prowl...on the prowl for your girl. It's a challenge, see, and the art of seduction/flirting is my specialty. If I'm nice to you, it's simply because I want to see how your girl reacts to me. If I strike up a conversation, it's not to "get to know you," but rather to feel out the look your girl is giving me. I have found many woman in relationships to be unhappy and starved for attention and I'm more than willing to give it to them.

Well then, you will most certainly NOT get a tip, sir! Good day! I SAID, GOOD DAY, SIR!! (Do you have a confession or rant you'd like to share with the world? Drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog—where gross things like this happen all the time.)