Meet Kent Craford, the guy largely steering the push for a new water and sewer board.

Everyone knows the governance of this nation is just a series of two-year horse races, right? With a fickle, largely disinterested electorate playing the roles of chance, speed and turf conditions? The finish line is coming up this November, and Democrats appear to have... uh... eaten too many oats?

Having your own face cut off and painstakingly replaced with someone else's face: Not the nightmare many first assumed.

Speaking of bizarre visages: It's lonely being a rich old (alleged) racist, whose face looks like it once melted for roughly three seconds before congealing into something face-like.

Shocking: A burgeoning peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority broke down last week. For the same reasons as all the others.

How did one of Afghanistan's most feared and reviled torture technicians come to live "in a pink two-story house in Southern California, on a street of stucco homes on the outskirts of Los Angeles"?

There are any number of approaches to effective headline writing, but playing it straight is often your best bet: "Women arrested for drug possession, twerking at Beaverton City Hall"

Exhibit B: "Urine drinker arrested at Kennewick restaurant."

Shadowy pro-Russian types continue their smash-and-grab tactics in eastern Ukraine. They snagged a new government building just today.

Lots of bad news coming from the American south, which is dealing with the ravages of tornado season and a deranged gunman who shot up a FedEx facility.

Sweet Persephone:


You should take the day off, explore our lovely state by motorcar.