And now for a very self-serving announcement: Tonight at Reading Frenzy, there's a group reading from a new Kickstarter-published book called The Magazine: The Book, which is a print collection of a great digital magazine called The Magazine. (Got all that?)

The Magazine has a bunch of Portland-based contributors—including me!—and some of us will be reading tonight at Reading Frenzy, to celebrate the release of The Magazine: The Book. The Doubleclicks are gonna play. It should be fun. I will be reading from an article about the Squaw Mountain Ranch nudist colony in Estacada, which was inspired by a trip I took with Courtney for her Worst. Night. Ever. a few years ago. (I owe it all to you, Blogtown.) Here's a teaser of the piece I'll be reading.
The reading is tonight from 6:30-8:30 pm. See you there maybe!