• Martin Barker
Scottish band PAWS are opening for We Are Scientists at the Doug Fir tonight, and you should go see them. Their second album, Youth Culture Forever, comes out next week and is mighty fine—take a listen to the full-album stream over on Spin. In the meantime, I wrote a thing about the band in the paper:
Youth Culture Forever is yet another marvel from PAWS, a splendid pop-punk record that shrugs off some of the cuddlier aspects of Cokefloat! and the band's loveable early singles in favor of a weightier, but also cleaner sound. It also finds PAWS asserting a firmer identity; while the primary influences of American '90s alternative rock (the Breeders, Pixies) are still present, there's no mistaking this iteration of PAWS for any other band. [READ MORE]
Check out all of the great Youth Culture Forever on Spin quickly, before they take it down for the album's May 6 release date. And get your own paws dirty with their single "Tongues"—and check 'em out at the Doug Fir tonight.