Local singer/songwriter Catherine Feeny and drummer Chris Johnedis have recently completed a collaborative album, and here's a fine new track from it—the bold, rhythmic "White Flight," which tackles a sociological topic not easily conveyed in song. "Now I'm grown, I've linked my fate to a new town in a new state," Feeny sings in the final verse, "and there's another winged migration gentrifying and displacing." The song also features vocals from Luz Elena Mendoza, Liz Vice, and Hannah Glavor. Feeny and Johnedis play the local album-release show this Wednesday, May 7, at Mississippi Studios.

Serge Severe and Gen.Erik collaborate with Total Eclipse (the X-Ecutioners) for this new one: "Giant" is a quick moving, turntable-heavy bumper with a rich, kaleidoscopic backing track (check the breakdown at the end) and a ferocious but friendly, fast-moving flow; it'll appear on Severe and Erik's upcoming album, due out later this year. Serge Severe is part of the Welcome to Dillaville tour that hits the Hawthorne Theatre tonight; he's joined by Slum Village and members of the Pharcyde performing as Bizarre Ride Live.

Two new tunes from the indomitable Hornet Leg are up on Bandcamp. Here's "Coronation," a driving power-drill of a song containing both Stones-y blues murk and a Nirvana-like grunge catchiness. Not sure if this pair of songs—the other one's called "Everything Burns"—will be available on a future Hornet Leg physical release (is there any phrase more awkward than "physical release"?), but they're up on Bandcamp for now.

Portland emcee/producer Sapient has a new record on the way. Eaters Volume Two: Light Tiger started off as an instrumental, beat-heavy collection, but turned into a slightly more conventional hiphop album, with Sape rapping (and singing!) as well as producing and performing all the tracks. There's an announcement video here, but for now take a listen to "Dents," which builds off Sapient's acoustic guitar and takes a few left turns. Light Tiger comes out June 17.

Us Lights, the outgrowth from an outfit of musicians once known as the Brothers Young, have a new EP out tomorrow, and here's a song from it, "Eyes on Us" (take a listen to the other songs here and here). This one's a midtempo builder, with martial beat and layered vocals. According to Prefix, Us Lights have an album due out later this year; in the meantime, they'll play an EP release show at Rontoms on Sunday, May 18, with Oakland band Trails and Ways.

Last up: Here's another tune from new Portland band Bed., a group of San Fran emigrés who also run Breakup Records. "Boys" is the group's new single (hear their previous one here), and it's an easygoing, sunny churner with some whispery glints of mystery, all in the band's self-described "slow-fi" mode. Bed. will play the single's release show on Sunday, May 18 at Holocene on a bill with the Ghost Ease, Focus Troup, and Half Shadow that also serves as the launch party for the newly hatched Vortex magazine.