Oregon: NOT THE BEST TRACK RECORD WHEN IT COMES TO RACE. Then or now. Which is probably something we should start figuring out how to deal with.

Despite the constant deluge of "Please publicize my horribly conceived film-related Kickstarter/Indiegogo/jar of nickels that I'm desperately shaking in your face" emails that hit my inbox, I don't highlight too many Kickstarters on Blogtown—there's simply too big of a risk that the project will either end up sucking or end up not existing. Here's one I will point you guys toward, though, because it seems like something that might help Portlanders start coming to terms with, and figuring out how to move past, that aforementioned track record. Whitelandia is a documentary about Oregon's history with race and current race-related issues, and it's told, at least partially, from a perspective that much of Portland will be able to identify with. As producers Matt Zodrow and Tracy MacDonald—who are pairing with "Black American communities, individuals, and organizations in Oregon" to make the film—note:

We had been complicit... it had been easy to overlook our own involvement in order to write ourselves into a narrative of Portland that was leaving its past behind for a brighter, quirkier future.

The project's worth a look. They've got about $8,000 left to raise in the next four days if they're going to hit their goal, which I hope they do, because if it's as good as it could be, Whitelandia could end up being a good thing for Portlanders to see.