Allow me to summarize: My hubby sent a sexually explicit textpic to his MOM! He can't sleep he's so stressed! We are from the ultra-conservative Bible Belt but my hubby is a cuckold. We've been together for twelve years and I've been his Mistress for eight. Do you want to see the textpic my hubby sent to his Bible-loving/slutty-daughter-in-law-hating mother? It is right here. What should he do? What should he say?

Terribly Extreme XXX Text

My response to TEXXXT—and TEXXXT's response to me and my nosey question for TEXXXT and TEXXXT's long answer to my nosey question—after the jump...


Your husband shouldn't do or say anything. If mom asks, he should pretend he meant to send the text to a guy friend—just some extreme dirty/funny crap he found online and meant to pass along to a friend as a joke. He should apologize profusely and promise to be more careful with his phone in the future!—Dan

I suppose that is our best bet. We surprisingly haven't heard anything from her yet. We both expected an "I'll pray for you" text at the very least, but maybe she is going to do what I would do if I had received that from my son (and what I think is the right thing for her to do) and pretend she never saw it and never speak of it. Thanks for the help, Dan!—TEXXXT

Hey, while we're swapping emails: I'm sure my readers would love to hear about your relationship. Folks who are interested in cuckolding would love to hear about you two have made it work for eight years. Even people who aren't interested in cuckolding are curious about how cuckold couples come together and make it work. So how did you two get into cuckolding? Whose idea was it? How have you handled the emotional and sexual logistics, how has it impacted your relationship, how do find partners to cuckold him with, etc. If you don't mind!—Dan

I don't mind at all!

Our cuckolding experience has been something that has evolved over time. I was always horrible at monogamy despite my best intentions. I've also always known I was, for lack of a better word, slutty. I never had a problem with it. But sharing the tale of how a neighbor asking me if I wanted to share a joint with him lead to me sucking his dick and his roommate's dick would cause people to react as if I had done something shameful. But I never felt shame over things like that. It was fun and I never felt like I wasn't in control of myself or those sorts of situations. What was there to be ashamed of?

My husband and I got together when we were both 22. He's only ever had sex with one other girl. I obviously came into the relationship with quite a bit more sexual experience but he wanted to explore every avenue of my sexuality and our sexual life together. We watched porn, we talked about our fantasies.

Here's what got the cuckolding ball rolling: On my birthday one year I asked if I could fuck his best friend for my birthday present. He said yes. I was kind of worried about how he would feel when it was actually going down but I didn't have anything to worry about. He even grabbed the video camera. (This was pre-camera phone days.) It then evolved into him wanting to hear about my slutty escapades while we were having sex. The next big evolution was the introduction of a chastity device. I already had a thing for cum control/denial, edging, etc., so I was a huge fan of this development!

It has evolved to the point now where I have full reign to go fuck other men while he is at home dressed in his sissy maid outfit with his dick locked up in a chastity device. (Just like the guy in the textpic he sent to his mom—although that isn't him in the picture.) He has to clean the house to my standards while I'm gone to avoid a riding crop to the balls when I get back. If he's lucky I let him lick me clean when I get home or I pull up his skirts and give him a good pegging.

The key to our cuckold success is that we let things unfold and evolve at our own pace and in our own way. The only real difficultly we've had is finding a bull. I can find lots of side lovers who will fuck me, of course, but you would be surprised at how many men can't wrap their minds around it once everything is laid out for them. For instance, I was involved in a regular thing with a co-worker. My hubby knew about the whole thing but when I reassured the other guy that he really didn't have anything worry about, i.e. there was absolutely no risk of an angry husband kicking his ass, he was completely appalled and quickly ended it. I try not to bitch too much though. We're luckier now than we ever have been before thanks to the Internet. It might take some time to find and vet an acceptable bull candidate, but at least I have a way to find a pool of candidates!

Sorry about writing you a book there! Thanks for all you do to promote your sex-positive message. And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for bringing the HUMP! Tour to our city so we could experience HUMP! It was great! There was even a film in there about edging, which is my original and still my favorite kink!—TEXXXT