Alison Hallett: "Bridgetown Comedy Fest! I'm drinking too much and seeing as much comedy as possible. Also, getting allll kinds of good-daughter points: Taking my dad to see Portland Opera's Pirates of Penzance and making some sort of brunch-thing on Sunday for Mother's Day. (Call your mother.)"

Wm. Steven Humphrey: “Yes… yes… Bridgetown, of course. BUT! There’s also the Blazers game on Saturday… maybe I’ll just read Rob Simonsen’s Blogtown live blog so I won’t jinx anything? As well as the drunk-a-licious WhiskeyFest Northwest (today and tomorrow), the Thorns vs. the Seattle Reign at Providence Park on Saturday, and the Alpaca Show at the Expo Center on Sunday! ALPACAS!! (Do they spit on you?)”

Courtney Ferguson: "Bridgetown Comedy Fest! More Bridgetown Comedy Fest. Then some more Bridgetown Comedy Fest. Umm, I guess I like to laugh. (And drink too much.) If I had more time, I’d also fit in a roller derby game (tonight: It’s Rose City Rollers home teams Break Neck Betties vs. Guns N Rollers; Saturday: Heartless Heathers vs. High Rollers), but laffs trump hits this weekend."

Erik Henriksen: "Bridgetown’s passes were expensive enough this year that I passed on getting one, and trying to get a ticket at the door to the event I’m most excited to see—Saturday’s live taping of Dan Harmon’s Harmontown podcast—is likely going to require a whole lot of waiting in line, especially after today’s Community news. Like, hours of waiting in line. So Saturday will probably be spent debating whether I want to deal with all that, or if I just want to wait a few days and download the podcast for free. If the latter (which is likely), I’ll likely head out and catch the original (and still fantastic) Godzilla, on the big screen at either the Bagdad or the 99-W Drive-in. That way I'll be all prepared to act snobby about the remake."

Dirk VanderHart: "Working. All damn weekend. Editing and writing at the coffee shop. Playing karaoke jams at the bar. All. Weekend. On the plus side, I just perfected my rendition of Wyclef's "We Trying To Stay Alive," so there’s a certain amount of heroism at play. And maybe a barbecue."

Marjorie Skinner: "I’m off to celebrate the expansion of Betsy & Iya, then swing by the Museum of Contemporary Craft for a party being thrown by the Wild as part of the Fashioning Cascadia exhibit. Speaking of which, there’s a walk-through with the curator tomorrow morning that I hope to go to (if I can get a yard-work pass), as well as ironing out details for the Open Season shows. Sunday I’m hosting mother’s day brunch (surely I’ll have time to clean the house), and do I even need to mention Game of Thrones?"