Joel Magid's new album Hyenas is an absorbing collection of psych-pop and homegrown melody, with echoes of the phantasmagoric '60s, and a slice of punk-rock DIY-ness for good measure. "Snakes, I Love You" is one of the album's more upbeat numbers, a grimy but catchy slice of basement-prom pop. It's one of Hyenas' many highlights, and the album release show takes place at Habesha on Saturday, May 31. In the meantime, dig in to the full album stream on Bandcamp.

Dorian Duvall (the man behind Onuinu) posted a new track to his Soundcloud. "Feels" is sleeker and more modern than anything that appeared on Onuinu's Mirror Gazer album, with Duvall offering spoken word on top of beats that rise and fall—it's freaky and exciting. Duvall recently left Portland and moved to Harlem, where he's been working on new music; what form his new work will take in the future remains to be seen, but this is a tantalizing preview.

Abrasive rock deconstructionists Drunk Dad refer to their sound as "fuck-you-all wave" (slightly angrier sounding than the burgeoning "funk-you-all wave" school), and here's a prime example with "Light a Fire." Its noisy chaos (with some sound sculpture at the end) burns hard as it goes down, like some bottom-shelf rotgut whiskey, but the release it offers is woozily transcendent. (Read more about Drunk Dad over on Noisey.) The track comes from Drunk Dad's upcoming album Ripper Killer, the band's first full-length, which comes out on Eolian Empire on July 1. In the meantime, Drunk Dad plays the Know on Friday, May 30, and their upcoming LP release show will happen sometime toward the end of June.

Pacific Mean Time—the new incarnation of Portland band Little Beirut—previewed another new track from their forthcoming self-titled album, which is due out on May 27. "Straight Shot (Towards the Sun)" is a hazy, melancholic whorl with Lennon overtones and expansive production. Pacific Mean Time celebrate the release of their debut album with a show at the Star Theater on Friday, June 6.

We'll end today with the slightly disturbing "Kill," from Yum Yum, featuring Bianca Radd, St. Miguel, Grape God, Winston Lane, and Neo G Yo. This comes from Yum Yum's upcoming Dark Meat album, a heavier, darker record than Yum Yum's debut. (Full disclosure: The man behind Yum Yum is Mercury contributor Minh Tran.) For this one, Yum Yum made a host of original beats and allowed a further host of Portland rappers to do their dirty work on top. There will be a release show for Dark Meat at Black Book on Wednesday, May 21, in which the album will be performed in full.