A important reminder from a listener...

As a new magnum subscriber I listened to some older shows—including Savage Lovecast #343, where you talked about BDSM with Mistress Matisse. In it you pushed the point that you should never ever directly mention kinks on your online profile on sites like OKCupid because it's creepy and displays bad judgement. Instead, you say, you can allude to it by mentioning a movie.

Well, it annoyed the hell out of me because I was on OKC for quite a while and it only started working for me after I stopped being freaking vague in my profile. About everything! Including kink! And I (a straight sub girl) was looking for profiles of guys who, among other things, were open about being into BDSM and dominant. It's not creepy as long as the profile lists plenty of other interests and provides an actual idea of what kind of person they might be. I'm not talking about starting your bio with "Hello my future slave," but listing "into BDSM" or "dominant" among your other fine qualities doesn't sound out of line.

The thing is, if I had heard your advice back then I probably would have listened to it and I might have never met the person I'm now rounding up to one!

And that's why it's called "advice," not "binding arbitration." No one has to do what I say! No one should! Individual results may vary! For some brand new advice that you would be well-advised to ignore... the newest "Savage Lovecast" went live this morning.