Well, this morning Zack Snyder went and tweeted the first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman. You can't see much, but that's definitely a Batman! And he's definitely doing what he likes to do best: dress up in a costume and leave his billion-dollar mansion to go beat up poor people mope in front of the Batmobile, thinking about how hard his life is.

Those tiny little ears are very Frank Miller-y/Dark Knight Returns-y (just a heads up, that link goes to a picture of Batman angrily riding a horse), which will apparently continue to be the most direct influence on contemporary cinematic Batmen. Actually, the whole costume looks pretty Frank Miller-y, and is definitely a step away from the look Christopher Nolan favored, which encased Christian Bale in so much stiff, faux-tactical rubber that he had to move everywhere like a robot, which nicely complimented the fact he sounded like a muppet.

(I'm fully willing to admit that my focus on Batman's adorable little ear-nubs is probably related to the fact I'm currently playing Arkham City, where Batman's ears are moderately ridiculous head-knives and always look like they're going to stabs someone's eyes out. Probably Alfred's. And just as a heads up, that link goes to a picture of Batman angrily slacklining, just like one of those jackasses in Colonel Summers Park.)

Zack Snyder's Batman vs. Superman movie doesn't even have a title yet (note: it will probably just be "Batman vs. Superman"), and won't be out until 2016. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. refuses to give people (by which I mean me) what they really want, which is a full-length movie starring the best version of Batman to ever hit the silver screen.