Both Fox and ABC have released trailers for some of their new shows, and the results... are... well... mixed. (Surprise!) Obviously Gotham is murdering the competition, but there are a couple of note. First check out the trailer for Mulaney—starring reliably funny stand-up and writer for SNL, John Mulaney—and then tell me what other famous sitcom starring Jerry Seinfeld this reminds you of. (Hint: It's Seinfeld.)

For those who love murder mysteries in the style of The Killing and Top of the Lake, check out this upcoming Fox show, Gracepoint—which is a perhaps an unnecessary remake of the brilliant BBC series Broadchurch, and has a bang-up cast (including Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn, and Broadchurch's own David Tennant now doing a passable American accent)—ahhhh well, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" as my second grade teacher used to say, but Gracepoint definitely has its merits. Check it out!