Who wants to hear a banker read you the riot act? (WE DO! WE DO!)

I understand you. Life can be so hard nowadays. But the way that some of you act - and I mean YOU, iPod Generationers - leaves me no hope for the future. Take banking, for instance. When did calling up your bank/credit union and being a total asshole to the person that is trying to help you become a fashionable norm? Did I overdraw your bank account at the 24 hour Taco Bell drive thru last night? Nope. How do you call a financial institution up and not know your bank account number? Common psychology accepts the fact that our brains retain up to 7-digit numbers with ease. Has EDM and reality TV augmented your brain to suboptimal functionality?

I don't know what "common psychology" this person is talking about, but I can barely remember my debit pin, much less "7-digits" in a row. Anyway, read the rest here, and if you want to complain about how everybody in the world is far more stupid than yourself, by all means drop your rants and confessions into the I, Anonymous Blog—where #9021-637.