It's no secret some of Portland's poorest residents have been pushed to the city's edges in the last decade. For all the success this city has at creating hip, delicious business districts, it's got an awful track record of keeping them affordable.

With that displacement comes a change in crime patterns. As the Mercury explored last year, Portland cops are seeing a continual shift in the city's gang activity away from inner north and northeast Portland. The common perception is that violence has been pushed south and east, and that's true. But it turns out it's also moved west and north, towards St. Johns.

It's all neatly laid out in this map presented this month to justice officials studying the Portland region's gang struggles. In the last decade, the county's shots fired calls have moved from one big angry red region into many smaller angry red regions. Happily, the amount of gunshots—or at least the gunshots reported to cops—has decreased in that time.

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I don't have a larger point. It's just interesting to see it mapped out.