It's far easier to vote in Oregon than in any other place I've lived in. Vote, people. Vote like this (and don't be fooled by this). No stamps? Drop your ballot off here.

Things got all sorts of ugly yesterday, after Politico unearthed a police report regarding Monica Wehby, one of two frontrunning Republicans in the primary race to face (probably) US Sen. Jeff Merkley this fall. Wehby's boyfriend, Stimson Lumber owner Andrew Miller, had begun giving her the cold-shoulder last year, and she wasn't taking it well. So she showed up at his house five times. It's a perfectly juicy, meaningless bit of meat injected into what's one of most-contested races on the Republican ballot. Relationships are complicated, breakups produce intense emotion and blur common sense. Wehby's run far from a perfect race—some of the campaign's emails were cringe-worthy—but this shouldn't figure as much as it will in the result. Hilarious, though, is Miller's insistence on referring to her only as "Dr. Monica Wehby" in his 911 call.

There are worse schemes: A former PBOT employee who tipped off tow-truck operators to the city's "abandoned" vehicles, then got a cut of the cash when they were sold for scrap, pleaded guilty yesterday. Barbara Peterson, 54, will likely spend a year and a half in prison, according to The O.

We all know the owners of the Red And Black Cafe on SE 12th used to hate the cops, but do they still? YUP.

I completely missed the comical thud of "Operation American Spring" until late last night. If you missed it, too, please enjoy.

General Motors didn't warn the public about faulty ignition switches for years and years, potentially leading to 13 deaths and boundless avoidable anguish. Price tag? $35 million.

Unaccompanied minors from Latin America are making the rough journey North to the US border in record numbers, prompting a new emergency shelter specifically for children. In 2011, border agents apprehended a little over 4,000 lone children/youths. This year, they've already exceeded a projected of 60,000 arrests.

Boko Haram is now kidnapping Chinese engineers, apparently.

Forget Donald Sterling, says US Attorney General Eric Holder. Or anyway, focus more energy on changing America's deeply ingrained institutional racism than despising its creepy old bigots.

Months old but worth your time: This story of the traumatizing, bizarre childhood of a pair of millionaire twins is insane.

I sincerely doubt it, Saturday.


This video has promise. Some notes: More cat/anteater altercations. Less kangaroo. Less being an animal hoarder.