Marriage equality in Oregon? Today? Seems likely. Seems very, very likely. A court decision on Oregon's likely unconstitutional 2004 marriage ban is due out at noon—and waves of couples, if that's the way Judge Michael McShane rules, are already standing by to take their place in history.

For the third time, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin has ordered his soldiers to pull back from their "training exercises" around Ukraine's border. There's hope—this time—it might actually happen. But NATO commanders remain unconvinced, reporting no signs yet of any movement.

A renegade Libyan general has stabbed his brimming crusade against Islamists deep into the heart of his homeland's capital city—swamping Tripoli with heavy combat for the first time in three years and forcing the dissolution, for now, of the country's parliament.

Syria's still-gasping civil war has an updated death toll: According to a Britain-based human rights group, more than 160,000 people have been killed over three years, including 8,000 children.

Five "associates" of China's military are facing espionage charges both diplomatically fraught and politically provocative, but somehow unsurprising: using computer trickery to hack and steal trade secrets from the United States.

An Arizona rancher running in a GOP congressional primary explains the problem with mass shootings in America: “If you look at all the fiascos that have occurred, 99 percent of them have been by Democrats pulling their guns out and shooting people. So I don’t think you have a problem with the Republicans.”

Jill Abramson, late of the New York Times, talked lightly about being "dumped," but stayed away from hurling recriminations, when giving the commencement address this morning at Wake Forest University. Over the weekend, though, her former employers weren't so tempered. The paper frantically pushed back against narratives claiming Abramson's dismissal as top editor was because of sexism.

Answering the Behemoth Comcast's plan to snap up second-place cable company Time Warner, AT&T has signed a $49 billion deal to take over DirecTV. Upshot? Your phone, TV, and Internet bills will continue their meteoric increases unchecked.

Catholic priests! And the tragic, troubled, heartsick women who love them!