As reported, excellent Portland band Dolorean is calling it a day after their May 31 show at Mississippi Studios. We'll have more on that in a bit, but in the meantime, here's Dolorean's swansong, "Miami Wine." True to character, the farewell is a downbeat, pensive number that the band describes as "late period Floyd mixes with Chet Baker solitude and Florida Coast desperation," before adding, "Adios friends. Time to disappear." Commence tearful sobbing.

Fen Wik Ren have a new, free EP up on their Bandcamp page: Horrors of World's five songs were home-recorded but they sound anything but lo-fi, featuring muscular production and inventive arrangements that make use of guest vocalists Kelli Schaefer and Johanna Kunin. Here's Kunin joining lead singer Ryan Barrett for "NN2SA," a spare but tightly coiled number with lots of sitar. A Fen Wik Ren full-length was in the works, but they decided to put out this EP for now—as Barrett says, "I thinks it more fun to just continuously record smaller bits nowadays." (I for one celebrate the demise of the arbitrary full-length album format in favor of shorter, more frequent digital releases.) Check out the whole EP for free over on Bandcamp; it's well worth doing so.

Here's one from local female hiphop duo Neka and Kahlo, a track from their upcoming EP, called 7HIRDWAV3 (a title perhaps designed to make newspaper copy editors gnash their teeth). This inventive and appealing track, "Alchemistress," doesn't quite go where you think it will, accumulating a backing-vocal driven breakdown, then metamorphosizing into frantic rock for its middle section. The EP comes out next week; in the meantime, Neka and Kahlo are performing a release show this Thursday at Rotture as part of the "Take Me to Tomorrow" event.

Click the jump for a glimpse of Yob's new one!

We'll end today with a first glimpse of the upcoming Yob album, Clearing the Path to Ascend. This trailer/teaser video doesn't include a full track from the Oregon metal band, but it's the first thing we're able to hear from the new album, which is due out on Neurot Recordings in September. Needless to say, it's thick, heavy, and loud—in other words, it's Yob.