Portlanders' ballots are due at 8 pm tonight, and this election—though it might not seem like it—is a pretty big one. As we wrote in our big endorsement feature ("The Outsiders Want In," April 30),

That water supply everyone went insane over last year? Its governance is very much in question. The mental health care and social services that are going to be crucial in this city's somewhat meandering battle against homelessness? Your choice in the hotly contested race for Multnomah County chair will be hugely influential.

For those of you who—like me—are scrambling to fill in your ballot at the last minute, here you go: We've got everything you need to know via our in-depth look at the issues and the candidates, and we've also got a quick-and-dirty cheat sheet:


And here's the Google Map of Multnomah County Elections' official ballot drop box sites:

View Multnomah County Elections Official Ballot Drop Box Sites in a larger map

See? Look at that. Easy! And fun! (Sort of.) Fill in your ballot and drop it off already. I'll even give you some voting music.