It's pretty late in what's considered "wedding season"—unless you were one of the many waiting for yesterday's same-sex marriage decision, in which case it just now (finally) on! Tonight's Engaged: A Bridal Runway Event is tonight at Doug Fir, and focuses on local designs and small businesses quite a bit more than your average Convention Center-held wedding bonanza, and has a good representation of local designs for dresses and suits alike. I wrote about it in this week's Sold Out column, and would personally recommend special attention be paid to participant Sunjin Lee. She's quickly established herself as a favorite in regional bridal magazine spreads, but her presentation at the most recent Portland Fashion Week also featured some welcome forays into ready to wear to perk up all the non- and post-brides, which I'm hoping too see more of in the near future, because brides shouldn't get to hog all that technical precision and good taste to themselves, and tiered eyelet skirts have other parties to go to, too.

Lees designs at PFW.
  • Jaycob Desrosiers and Brianna Nelson
  • Lee's designs at PFW.