In 2009, Dave Chappelle was in Portland shopping for menswear when he casually mentioned that he was on his way to pick up an amp to play a free show at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Twitter heard about it. The Mercury heard about it. Soon enough, everyone in Portland had heard about it. I went to the square that night. It was packed. Chappelle was there. It was crazy. A couple years later, dude dropped by for a last-minute, nearly unannounced show at the Keller. Takeaway: He doesn't much like to plan ahead.

So was both surprising and unsurprising when last night, Helium quietly announced that Chappelle would be in Portland tonight. HELIUM. Not the Keller, not the Newmark, but a proper, smallish comedy room. And then they added Thursday and Friday shows. Tickets are $55. They sold out. Immediately.

As of right this second, there are still tickets available for two Saturday shows—that's right, they just keep adding 'em. Those will sell out, too. Move fast.