The Oregonian is reporting that Southeast Portland's Cartopia food cart pod appears to be heading for development:

Plans submitted to city development officials describe a four-story apartment building with ground-floor storefronts on the site.

Contacted Wednesday, developer Vic Remmers said he had a contract to buy the site. The lot's owners couldn't be reached.

More details are here.

When I woke up this morning, my Twitter timeline was full of people bemoaning the imminent closure of Beaterville. Now beloved food cart pods are being paved over to make way for people who moved here in part because they were attracted exactly the kind of "local color" those pods provide.

Yes, I'm a little bitter about Portland's rapid transformation into a city I can barely afford to live in, and barely recognize. I'm trying, though, to keep some perspective on Division street not looking like it used to. Plus ça change, right?