Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty bigot guy, is addressing the Republican Leadership Conference today, according to Right Wing Watch. But that's pretty much the only constituency that's listening to the Robertsons at this point, because the Robertsons can't speak without dropping crazy shit like this:

Phil’s son Alan Robertson, who at last week’s FRC “Watchmen on the Wall” conference hailed his father as a “21st century prophet” akin to John the Baptist, appeared on American Family Radio last week to claim that his family is in a fight against Satan for influence in the media and culture.


After suggesting that God “raised up” his family to combat purported anti-Christian persecution and promote conservative Christians in Hollywood, he said that the Robertson clan is “part of that process of hopefully taking back some territory that Satan has had for far too long.”

Wow. Wow. Wow. I know you have to have a Messiah complex to star in a reality show, but this seems a little extreme even by TV standards.