While you guys were here in Portland boiling your water like savages, I was in Los Angeles, whose water, it turns out, I've been under-appreciating this whole time. What else did I miss? Let's check the Letters Section!

—Sara just moved herself and her business to Portland, but this business with the street fee has her considering moving back to Washington, along with the jobs she would otherwise be providing locally. "Why invest in a community with such backward public policy?"

—The overturn of Oregon's ban on same-sex marriage was bound to stir some people up, like Anthony, who is concerned with "the current gay 'mass-political-delusion' that there exists a 'third-sex-gender.'" Have fun picking that fight, Tony.

—A long time ago a hilarious dude named Lance worked at the Mercury, where he often espoused his belief in vegetarianism, so it's no surprise that our vegetable-focused food issue brought him out of the woodwork to comment on our "fiber-filled coming-of age tapestry."

—Then William barged in to suggest that we "do a story about how the criminals in control of the media and government are trying to manipulate people into thinking that America the great republic is a DEMOCRACY and manufacturing consent to govern the people through fraud and deception?" Maybe it could be more specific?

—And thanks to Matt, the vegetable/fruit disambiguation wars shall wage on.

—And originally "N" wanted to place an ad saying, "Bikepacking is over," but instead we gave it the Letter of the Week because LOL why u so mad.

  • Mercury Staff (great job!)