MUSIC/SECRETS—Cure your summertime Monday blahs with Banana Stand's series of weekly secret shows! Every Monday through Labor Day, Double Dragon will open at 6 pm with a special menu and discounted drinks; then, at 8 pm, a TOP SECRET band—specially picked by the folks at Banana Stand Media—takes the stage. The series kicks off tonight with some fresh local newcomers; start your (secret) summer Monday habit now. NL
Double Dragon, 1235 SE Division, 8 pm, FREE

FILM—Wise-crackin' Private First Class William Hudson didn't expect this. With only four weeks left on his deployment, he and his fellow Colonial Marines had just one mission left—a routine trip to desolate moon LV-426, where they'd ensure the safety of Ellen Ripley, who claimed to have survived an encounter with some kind of... alien. But Hudson's mission was anything but routine... and as the Xenomorphs swarmed over his bleeding body, Hudson had a final, terrified thought. Game over, man, he thought. Game over. EH
Aliens at the Academy Theater, 7818 SE Stark, $4, see Film Times