This new trailer for Hercules makes it look... weird.

And I don't mean "weird" in the sort of way that I heard an audience react to the Jupiter Ascending trailer last night, after which some guy did that condescending "Oh-kaaaayyyyy" thing—I mean in like a "What is this?" kind of way. With something like Jupiter Ascending, it's clear the Wachowskis know what they're doing; like Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas, that movie might not be to your liking, but it's clear, even in trailer form, that the thing has some kind of personality and drive. Hercules looks weird in a whole other sort of way, the kind that just seems to raise questions: Why does the Rock actually seem to be doing a Kevin Sorbo impression? How come everybody else in the trailer for Hercules trailer gets to talk more than Hercules? Can I pretend that John Hurt's playing the same character in this that he was in Only Lovers Left Alive? Why isn't there an Al Swearengen movie yet? Does Brett Ratner have any idea what he's doing? I mean, any more or less than usual? Is the tone of this thing... horror? Vengeance? Wacky CGI mythical monster party adventure? Can we kill whoever's playing that song? This thing feels like its being pulled in about 20 different directions at once. Maybe that's the trailer edit? Maybe it's Ratner? Who knows! Hercules!

I will still see this, because I love the Rock and magic crap and creatures, but man. Hercules looks weird.