Say what you want about the Taliban, but its taste in pickup trucks is unimpeachable. Turns out the group was shooting video of the moment fighters handed off longtime prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl to American special forces. There are hand shakes. One guy waves as a blinking, confused looking Bergdahl is ushered onto a Blackhawk helicopter.

Meanwhile, outcry grows over Bergdahl's apparent desertion, with some claiming half a dozen men died while looking for him.

It's been 25 years since Tiananmen, not that there are demonstrations or television commemorations or Internet commentaries that would remind the people in China of that. Instead, the quarter century anniversary of the massacre is being marked appropriately, with a muscular police/troop presence and widespread censorship. That's on mainland China. Hong Kong's a different story.

Oregonlive's lead story right now says GPS maker TomTom ranks Portland as having the ninth-worst traffic in the country. Wow, right? We need more highways stat! Except then the O notes the ranking—like most rankings—is suspect and probably meaningless. It calls TomTom's effort "among the most ridiculed out there." All right, then.


It's Fleet Week, y'all! And not that half-hearted, Canada-only Fleet Week we had last year, either. Congress has somehow avoided a budget standoff this time around, and American ships have been given the okay to visit. Prepare for a lot of jaunty white uniforms, and for THE ENTIRETY OF THE WESTSIDE WATERFRONT TO BE LOCKED DOWN BY FENCES.

A handful of primary elections took place yesterday, and it turns out Mississippians still really like the Tea Party.

The European economy is jittery mess, with some countries suffocating under negative growth and low inflation in the rest. Stimulus time.

Cringiest headline of the morning: An Ohio woman has died after walking into a plane propeller.

Nevermind: Former NFL quarterback Dan Marino now says he never meant to sue the league for callously disregarding the potential longterm difficulties caused by concussions.


I played this at work the other day and Erik Henriksen lost his shit.