Guided by Voices
Another week, another Mercury music section that Don Henley's lawyers will not take kindly to you altering any part of, thank you very much. (Unless you're as intelligent and articulate as Will Sheff. Then you can do whatever you want.)

Guided by Voices have released approximately 3,450,731 songs in their lengthy lifetime, including two new albums this year alone. What keeps them going?

LISTEN: Guided by Voices - "Authoritarian Zoo"

Dragging an Ox Through Water's Brian Mumford says, "Sometimes my live sets are really pretty mellow. And then a lot of times they get pretty fuckin' hairy, too." His excellent new album, Panic Sentry, embraces the best of both tendencies.

LISTEN: Dragging an Ox Through Water - "Sparrow Command"

Chelsea Wolfe is a shape shifter, a chameleon, a one-of-a-kind performer. On her current tour, she's doing an acoustic, string-oriented thing. Later down the line she may very well do dark metal. You won't want to miss a single step.

LISTEN: Chelsea Wolfe - "Feral Sound"

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