In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It


stoners are funny.
Apparently Dowd's tour guide warned her about eating too many edibles precisely because it is hard to tell when enough is enough. So maybe it's more like having too many Long Islands after being told how potent they are?
She gave an accurate description of doing something silly to herelf, yeah. It's not like downing too much hard liquor, it won't kill you, you're just unhappy about it.
I smoked weed, hash, and oils of all kinds in large amounts daily for years. I did my fair share of hard partying when I was younger too. Personally, I hate eating weed. I don't care what other people do and am not here to tell them what to do with themselves but when you are condensing oil or butter there really is very little limit to how strong it can get. When I was about 20 a girl I knew took about four pounds of her Mom's trim and turned it into 4 ounces of butter and then made rice crispy treats with it. I ate a couple of them and was high for almost three days even though I smoked strong herb constantly. I found it to be much more unpleasant than eating large amounts of various psychedelics. Although less intense in many ways it was not very pleasant and seemed like it was never going to end. That was really the only time I ever felt much of anything from orally consuming weed. It seems to be hard to find a middle ground between feeling nothing and getting way too high especially if you have a high tolerance from frequent use. I think it is relatively misleading that there are so many junk food products made from it because it seems like a lot of inexperienced people might try one of those for the first time versus smoking or some other form of ingestion. Although it seems innocuous to drink a soda or eat a lolly pop or cookie I think it is much more likely to produce a panic attack in somebody with a low tolerance that won't go away for some time because of how long an oral dose stays in the system. At the very least more anecdotal information should be made available to the inexperienced to help them avoid complications.



I think I know why Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana. Because everything else is verboten. People vacationed,historically to Colorado from all over the globe to ski, and hike. But, too many of our cities have turned into Homeland Security checkpoints,and little else. This is a recipe for disaster in a free country. I hope Colorado embraces and encourage this new direction of American industry, the tourist industry where Street Minstrals are there to entertain...Dance troupes spontaneously dancing on Main Street. Officials should be facilitating this shift not just enforcing us to behave ourselves in their domain...Airport, the Bus Depot. We have the right and the obligation to enjoy and support anything creative out in public...To smoke pot and stay out of the way isn't enough.Welcome back Rocky Mountain Way...