• Wes Youssi
Another music festival is coming to Portland, and it doesn't include any Pitchfork buzz bands.

Thank heavens for that, because the Great Big Fais Do Do (pronounced "fay-doe-doe") is as down-home and nitty-gritty as dance parties come, celebrating Cajun, country, and honky-tonk music over three nights later this month. Local roots-music stalwart Caleb Klauder is working with Dance House Productions to put on the big to-do, with three nights of shows at classic Northeast Portland dive bar the Spare Room.

For 10 bucks a night, the program is as follows, with each show starting at 9 pm:

• Tuesday, June 24 •
Dirk Powell and the Stumptown Aces
The Cactus Blossoms

• Wednesday, June 25 •
The Caleb Klauder Country Band
Bobby Winstead

• Thursday, June 26 •
Jesse Lége and Joel Savoy
Copper and Coal

Our championing of Klauder's Country Band has been frequent and noisy, so let me just add that Lége and Savoy are terrific Cajun practitioners, making dance music that's sprung straight out of the Louisiana dirt itself. And the Cactus Blossoms were one of my greatest discoveries at last year's Pickathon, a pair of Minnesota brothers making timeless patchwork-quilt country.

This is going to be a fete. The Facebook event page is here, and full details from the press release are after the jump:

The Great Big Fais Do Do {Fay-doe-doe} is, simply put, Cajun French for a dance. The phrase comes from the French saying 'go night night' which is leftover from the old days of house parties, in rural SW Louisiana, when the parents would send the kids off to bed and continue to play and dance all night long in the kitchen. The Fais Do Do eventually became a widely used dance hall term and in the early 1950s, Mamou, Louisiana's Jimmy 'C' Newman put the term to a song and sang about how great the event was. He mentions the 'Cajun Band', and dancing with the 'Pretty Bayou Belles', eating 'Hot Gumbo' and drinking beer with 'Mama and Papa'. It was basically an excuse to get together for a good social gathering based around music, food and family.

The chorus goes as follows; At the great big Fais do do, where you glide across the floor, then you eat some hot gumbo, and go back and dance some more.

Caleb Klauder and Dance House Productions bring you The Great Big Fais Do Do, featuring some of today's best dance hall music from the NW and from SW Louisiana where a kindred spirit and lasting bond has been forged from years of cross pollination.

One wouldn't at first connect the two regions musically, but this three day event is living proof that there is a strong and healthy bond between Louisiana and the NW. The Great Big Fais Do Do is guaranteed to be a stellar gathering and festive party. Come and enjoy three days of dance hall music led by some of the best in the genre.

Music appreciators of all types are welcome. This is not just a festival for dancers.

Our goal is to eventually become a three day, all ages, weekend festival at a location with camping, great local food and acoustic picking sessions.

Let's have a Fais Do Do!