Kickoff Ride 2014

The Pedalpalooza Kickoff Ride yesterday was massive, winding through SE and NE from Colonel Summers Park to Velo Cult.

My favorite part: That the parade made its way up SE and NE 28th, past the same businesses who've opposed a new bike lane. And I remembered how deeply conflicted I am about the act of "corking," where cyclists stop traffic on busy roads so the ride can continue, unburdened by traffic lights. Many people are sort of bewilderedly charmed by it; some people get angry. Notable in that second camp yesterday: an incensed man at a Glisan bus stop, and a guy taking a video with his cell phone, narrating the thronging cyclists' passing with "most of them don't have insurance."

Mostly though, people come out of restaurants to take pictures and wave from their porches. The bike delivery people at the Jimmy John's on NE Broadway really wanted to join up, but then how would the masses get their tuna and enormous, disappointing pickles?

If you missed it, catch one of the weekend's many rides. (During the World Naked Bike Ride, the cops do the corking for you.) Here are today's events (as listed in the full calendar):

Burnt Bridge Ride
Cascades MAX Station, Stop ID 10574, NE Mt St Helens, 1 pm
A 30.5 mile loop ride of the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail and the Marine Drive path going over both Columbia River bridges.

Hop(s) on an EBike
Cynergy E-Bikes, 3822 SE Powell, 5 pm
Welcome to our new ebike store! Try an electric bike today and receive a token for a complimentary beer at Hopworks.

•Lizzie Borden (21+)
The Gerding Theater at the Armory, 128 NW 11th, 5:30pm (Show starts at 7:30pm)
Discount ($20) tickets to a musical about 1890s ax murder preceded by a free bikey preparty with snacks and beer? Deal.

Skate Skavenger Hunt
Naito Legacy Fountain, SW Ankeny and Naito , 5:30 pm
Skate the town in search of anything n’ everything. Bring a digital camera, friends, and your skateboard or rollerskates.

Morrissey Ride (21+)
Salmon Street Springs Fountain, SW Naito & Salmon, 6 pm
4th annual latenight music-lovin’ roving dance party! Costumery, tomfoolery, booze. All hail The Moz!

Pop Til' You Puke 3
Bottom West Side of the Steel Bridge, 6 pm
80s pop, dancing, multiple stops with food and drink... need we say more?

Yoga Ride
Laurelhurst Park, 3700 SE Ankeny, 6:45 pm
Meet at 6:50pm, NE entrance to Laurelhurst Park, ride to 7831 SE Stark for FREE Yoga for Cyclists class at 7:30

Diablo's Wild Ride (21+)
Devil’s Point, 5305 SE Foster, 7 pm
Bicycle Dance Party! Wild Devilish Delights! Come Run with the Devil! FREAK OUT!

Superhero(ine) Ride!
Col. Summers Park, SE 20th and Belmont, 8 pm
Grab your favorite sidekick, cape and steed— join us in the fight for Truth, Justice and the Dream of the 90’s!

#IWokeUpLikeThis (21+)
Irving Park, NE 7th and Fargo, 8 pm
Let’s celebrate us. Dress to impress // wear whatever you want because you’re flawless.

Dead Baby Ride (21+)
APEX, 1216 SE Division, 9 pm
We wanna be to ride our machines without being hassled by the man. And we want to get loaded.

The Guthrie Ride
1101 NE Alberta, 10 pm
An enjoyable, mild paced, adventurous ride. Technically, helmets are legally required for one part (hint hint!).