Add this to the list of things I do wrong: I apparently poop too much.

All the pride in this town about reducing waste. How about reducing the fecal parade overflowing our storm sewers and making restrooms in this town a russian roulette of spackled toilet bowls and horrific odors. All those hopped up micro beers don't exactly digest well with your famous pdx brunchtacular habits do they?

Maybe if you ate only enough to live (like you are supposed to) and ate simple carbed foods instead of gutbombs that you can't digest you would poop a lot less and cut back on your toilet paper habit too.

Okay, I'll add that to the list! What's next? Stopping my skin from exfoliating so much? By the way, do you have a complaint about something humanity does wrong? Send it to the I, Anonymous Blog—where there's never too much excess poop OHHHHH NOOOOOOO!