• BIKES!

Dirk VanderHart: "At the risk of becoming a caricature: Bike rides. I'm going to see how much Pedalpalooza I can get going this year, and tomorrow afternoon's Pedalcar Karaoke III ride seems like my ticket in. The reality of this thing can't possibly be as beautiful as the vision in my head. But, then, maybe it can. On Sunday, I'm thinking of making my way out to NE 122nd, for an exploration of the deficiencies in bike infrastructure past I-205 led by Or maybe I'll plant blueberries."

Alison Hallett: "I'm mad at myself for not finishing Portland author Smith Henderson's so-far terrific first novel Fourth of July Creek in time to get a review in this week's paper—his Powell's reading is June 10. So I'm gonna read that, watch the new season of Orange Is the New Black, and then probably make some token effort to appreciate the weather/nature."

Wm. Steven Humphrey:
"THING #1—Watch entire second season of Orange is the New Black in one sitting.
THING #2—Take a pair of cable cutters and liberate any lawn chairs that jerks from Gresham may have chained to light posts to reserve their space for Saturday's Grand Floral Parade.
THING #3— Cruise sailors.
THING #4—I love Michael Ian Black... even though he obviously despises me.
THING #5: I would participate in Portland's Naked Bike ride... but I tend to "turtle" when sitting on my bike. (Does anyone else have this problem??)"

Erik Henriksen: "Movies, movies, movies: The press screening for How to Train Your Dragon 2 is on Saturday morning, and I really want to see Night Moves, and I might go see Edge of Tomorrow again, because I liked it that much. Also going on a hike, but I'm sure as hell not telling you where."

Marjorie Skinner: "I am kicking things off with the U/P pop-up shop, which features an especially rad lineup of local vendors. In keeping with the manufacturing theme, I also plan to stop by the anniversary party tomorrow at ADX before passing out a few high fives to the World Naked Bike riders at the Mercury-sponsored after-party. Most of the rest of my waking hours will involve backyard grilling and hiking, because June feels like June again this year."

Ned Lannamann: "My East Coast gullet is dying to check out lobster rolls from the Hawthorne Lobster House, which is a few stones' throws away from my home and is having its big opening today. (I won't be dissuaded by their weirdly corporate-looking website or their iffy slogan until I have some hot, buttery lobster dribbling down my chin.) Show-wise, there's a cool secret house show tonight, and of course Guided by Voices at the Wonder tomorrow—plus Caleb Klauder's playing right next door at the Secret Society. Otherwise, I'm hoping to avoid nude cyclists by indulging my severe used-book-sale addiction, which flared up after I bought a shopping bag full of books for a dollar from the Hood River library last Saturday. This weekend both the Tualatin and Garden Home libraries are holding their semiannual used book sales. Paperback copies of James Clavell's Noble House, here I come!"