Here's something that should be bulletproof: a movie starring Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson, and Zach Galifianakis, written and directed by Matthew Weiner, the guy behind Mad Men. But apparently, a film meeting every single one of those criteria had a pretty disastrous reception at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it showed under the title You Are Here. Noel Murray at the Dissolve, who saw the film at TIFF and calls it "shrug-worthy," lays it out in pretty stark terms:

The reaction to You Are Here at TIFF ranged from, “Ragged, but not too bad,” to, “Jesus, has Mad Men been this shitty all along and I never noticed it before?” (Via.)

Now, one fussy retitle later (it's now called Are You Here), the rest of us can get a look at the movie in trailer form.

Unlike seemingly everyone else I know, I'm not a massive fan of everything Weiner does (after loving its first few seasons, I gave up on Mad Men a few years ago, during one of its rockier/more self-involved passages, and can't say I've particularly missed it*), but I do love Poehler with burning passion, and Wilson and Galifianakis can be fantastic in the right projects. So... I guess I'm still kind of pulling for this one? I kind of wish I hadn't watched that trailer, though.

*"You should give it another shot!" says the clockwork chorus of Mad Men fans in 3, 2, 1....