The details are still hazy, but here's another tragedy for politicians/pundits to cynically latch onto before November and 2016's presidential election. Five American special forces soldiers and an Afghani ally were killed yesterday in a bungled airstrike. The troops had been battling Taliban fighters when a "coalition aircraft" fired on them. It's a rarity in this war. More-typically, civilians are the ones mistakenly killed in airstrikes.

More bad news from that region: The Iraqi army has been unceremoniously, too-easily bounced from the country's second-largest city. The well-armed Sunni extremists who stormed Mosul have been thumping the army all year.

And in Pakistan: More gun battles at the Karachi airport, albeit tiny and inconsequential compared to the deadly attack by Taliban militants on Sunday.

There's still not much official clarity in the triple shooting that left a married Vancouver couple dead and their 23-year-old son badly wounded yesterday, but what information has leaked out—depression after a lost job, yelling heard just before gunshots— paints a bleak, familiar-enough picture.

The City of Detroit is in better shape than you've probably heard, though not by much. But there's no question losing the world-class art collection at the Detroit Institute of Art would be one more vicious blow to the once-great, now-bankrupt city's psyche. So our once-great, freshly not-bankrupt automakers—including an in-the-midst-of-being-disgraced General Motors—are kicking in $26 million to make sure fine art stays in the Motor City.

There are nearly 64,000 veterans who've been enrolled in Department of Veterans Affairs system for a decade, but have not seen a doctor—and other damning facts unearthed in an audit released yesterday.

Portland's VA facility? Among the nation's worst for wait times.

Someone help nail whoever set the Two Bulls wildfire immolating the desert northwest of Bend. There's a cool $2,000 in it for you.

There's no reason you'd be expected to know this, but the World Cup is about to begin. In Brazil. And all is not well there.

Has there ever been such a June?!


I maintain that the Alf title sequence was ahead of its time.