UPDATE, 11:25 a.m. Wednesday:

Reynolds High School freshman Jared Michael Padgett carried a guitar case and duffel bag onto his school bus yesterday morning. Arriving at school, he went to the boy's locker room, where he pulled an AR-15, handgun, nine loaded magazines, and a knife from the two cases. He put on what police say was a "non-ballistic vest" and a "multi-sport" camouflage helmet. And moments later, he shot and killed fellow freshman Emilio Hoffman, 14, and injured gym teacher Todd Rispler when confronted.

When 15-year-old Padgett encountered police officers in the building's hallway a short time later, he ducked inside a bathroom and killed himself.

That's the tale that's just emerged, at the latest press conference in yesterday's chilling incident at the Troutdale High School. There's still no indication why Padgett did what he did—whether he'd targeted Hoffman specifically or it was meant to be a more wide-ranging attack. Certainly the hundreds of rounds of ammo, two guns and knufe Padgett was carrying suggest the latter. Anderson said cops have not established a connection between Padgett and Hoffman.

"The shooter obtained the weapons from his family home," said Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson. "The weapons had been secured, but he defeated the security measures."


There's at least one person dead at Troutdale's Reynolds High School this morning—an "active shooter" the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office says began firing a gun shortly after 8 am. Nothing else is clear about the situation right now, including how the shooter died. But whatever happened, it's apparently over.

According to a KOIN report, the shooting may have begun in the gymnasium. According to the Oregonian, there may have been three shooters—with two fleeing the scene (one caught). The O reports one teacher was shot, and one student.

Here's a press release from the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office:

At 8:07 a.m. this morning, police responded to Reynolds High School on the report of shots fired at the school. Multiple agencies responded and tactical teams are currently evacuating students and staff. The situation is stabilized, the shooter is confirmed deceased. Parents are asked to reunify with their students at the Wood Village Fred Meyer located at NE 223rd and NE Glisan St. All other people are asked to stay away from the area. Hashtag will be using is #RHShooting

Parents are being asked to meet up with students at the Fred Meyer in Wood Village, Ne 223rd and Glisan.

Update 9:50 AM: Denis here. The O has just reported, citing a sheriff's office spokesman, that police believe there was only one shooter. We'll have more details to share after a news conference happening right now.

And there's also this kind of thing happening already. Right when parents are reflexively hugging their children, some people are reflexively hugging their guns.

Update 10 am:

One student victim has also died, according to Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson.

"A gunman entered the buidling and shot one student," Anderson said in a brief, scant news conference that just ended. "Unfortunately that student has died. The gunman was located and the gunman is also deceased."

So rumors that a teacher was shot are apparently false. Authorities aren't offering any more information, saying they'll give an update at noon.

Also speaking in the press conference was Reynolds School District Superintendent Linda Florence.

"This is a very tragic day, one that I hoped would never be part of my experience," Florence said.

Update, 10:30 am:

Students being interviewed by reporters on the scene are offering narratives that still suggest multiple gunmen. A student KOIN spoke with says he saw one gunman chasing a teacher, and that cops patting students down found a gun on another person—possibly a former Reynolds High School student who was on the scene.

"One of the gunmen was in the room with us," said the student, who took refuge in a weight room. "He was a past student we believe."

That "gunman" didn't fire shots, the student said, but had a gun on him.

Update, 11 am:

Not multiple gunmen, according to the O, just a couple of students a student who happened to be packing when police patted him or her down.

One teacher, Todd Risper, was reportedly injured in the shooting, though not severely. Everyone is predictably shocked, no one thought this would happen at Reynolds HS, etc.

UPDATE 3:30 pm: Still not much official word on a motive or the shooter's identity, but most outlets are reporting the victim in today's attack was Emilio Hoffman, a soccer player and freshman at Reynolds. The attacker was apparently a fellow student armed with a rifle, according to the Associated Press. That person was found dead in a bathroom in the school.

The next press conference has been scheduled for 5 pm.

Update, 5:15 pm: Another press conference where not much new was revealed. The police won't say who the shooter was (they've "tentatively identified" him), how he died, or say exactly what weapon he used (it was some kind of rifle).

Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson did confirm the victim was 14-year-old Hoffman, who was killed in the boy's locker room. The shooter was found in a bathroom in a different part of the building. Cops aren't saying whether Hoffman was a specific target of the attack, or if it was random.

Anderson credited the injured teacher, Todd Rispler, for making his way to the school's office and initiating lockdown. Reynolds High School will be closed "until further notice" Superintendent Linda Florence said.