Catl (Via)

Dante's–Nashville Pussy, Catl, The Yawpers, 9 pm, $14
Bunk Bar–Doug Gillard, Charts, Miracle Falls, 10 pm, $8-10
Dig a Pony–DJ Cuica, DJ Sahelsounds, 9 pm
Doug Fir–Tomorrow's Tulips, Guantanamo Baywatch, 9 pm, $10-12
East End–The Bloodtypes, Stalins of Sound, Static & the Cubes, The Nervous, 9 pm
Gold Dust Meridian–Whiskey Wednesdays: Pete Krebs, Brent Martens, 8 pm
Habesha–Hip Hop on Wax: DJ 60/40, Northern Draw, 9:30 pm
The Know–Sei Hexe, Slow Screams, Redneck, 8 pm
Mississippi Studios–Black Prairie, St. Even, 9 pm
Sloan's TavernBitch Release Party: DJ Dani Fish, 7 pm, $4
Wonder Ballroom–The Mountain Goats, Loamlands, 9 pm, $22.50-25, all ages