Who's got World Cup Fever? Me, silly! I've been trying to figure out good spots to watch games—bars and coffee shops that won't be too crazy-crowded and will have all the things I like to cozy up to when watching the Earth kick around a soccer ball (food and beer, namely). So let's crowdsource this before the first match tomorrow. So far, these are the places I'm kicking around:

Moon & Sixpence: My people are here, and the beer is fantastic. It does, however, get really, really crowded around their small TVs.
The Spirit of 77: Pros: Tons of TVs. Cons: Bro-dogs are a common sight, and it's not really on my route anywhere.
Kells or Thirsty Lion: Perfect for late-lunch viewing due to their closeness to the office. But... I'm sure they'll both be excruciatingly busy.
Bazi Bierbrasserie: This SE Hawthorne spot will be showing most of the games AND they'll be serving brunch and drink specials during the morning matches! This might be my go-to, especially since it's right on the #14 bus line.
World Cup Beer Garden: This special pop-up beer garden right by Cinema 21 (625 NW 21st) is showing all 64 World Cup games in the lovely out of doors, all day long! And it's FREE. There's almost zero "cons" to this joint—I just wish it were in walking distance to downtown.
Rose City Futsal: This giant indoor soccer facility in the Hollywood District has a bar and they'll be showing most of the World Cup games on their seven TVs and huge screen. This would be a fun place to watch a few games. There will probably be a lot of rugrats running around, though. Here's a schedule of the games that'll be on their big screen.

Got any secret viewing spots you want to share? It would be nice to know about any coffee shops that are showing 9 am matches. Leave 'em in the comments.