1. The Republican Party—which completely controls Texas—added a plank to its party platform backing "reparative therapy" programs, aka "pray away the gay" counseling. Anderson Cooper interviewed/shredded this smiling douche of a Texas Republican about the new plank:

2. Texas Governor Rick Perry was asked about the plank during an appearance before the Commonwealth Club of California—in San Francisco—and the man who was too stupid to be president but just stupid enough to be governor of Texas had this to say:

In response to an audience question about it Wednesday night, Perry said he did not know whether the therapy worked. Commonwealth Club interviewer Greg Dalton then asked him whether he believes homosexuality is a disorder. "Whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that," Perry said. "I may have the genetic coding that I'm inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way." The large crowd gathered at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins hotel on Nob Hill included many Perry supporters. But the comment still drew a murmur of disbelief.

Towleroad points out that Perry's line of reasoning—gay people are like alcoholics for come—is nothing new.

3. Texas's political leaders don't happen by accident—idiots elect these idiots. And their idiocy isn't limited to issues that touch on human sexuality. Watch this Vice report on what Texas is doing to address climate change and the drought and the fires that are destroying the state. (Spoiler alert: they're doing squat, aka "praying.")