22 JUMP STREET The sequel to 21 Jump Street; the prequel to 23 Jump Street.
  • 22 JUMP STREET The sequel to 21 Jump Street; the prequel to 23 Jump Street.

22 JUMP STREET Steve LOVED the latest from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the two guys responsible for an impossible string of should-be-terrible-but-are-actually-amazing films: 21 Jump Street, The Lego Movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. At this point, the Mercury is pretty pro-Lord and Miller. We are even more pro-Chatum.

THE SACRAMENT For the past few years, Ti West has been a great hope for horror nerds: A director who, if his 2009 film The House of the Devil was any indication, would become the contemporary visionary the genre sorely needs. Five years later, with West's Jonestown riff The Sacrament, Marjorie finally gives up that hope.

WE ARE THE BEST! A Swedish rock movie that Alison calls a "rare coming-of-age film that makes room for [the] adult perspective while remaining faithful to the intense, all-consuming passions of adolescence." Oh man. This movie sounds almost unbearably charming.

YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL The latest from François Ozon sounds... a little less charming, maybe? The reliable Andrew Wright quite liked it, noting that it "bridges the gap between [Ozon's] previous films, creating a beautifully shot, resolutely non-judgmental tale of a well-to-do teen (Marine Vacth) who drifts into prostitution."

22nd PORTLAND JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL & NEW CZECH CINEMA The NW Film Center has not one but two film series kicking into gear this weekend, and Marjorie and Ned offer up some quick rundowns of each.

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