Warming Glow has a nice roundup of early reviews of Fox's Gotham, after the series debut was shown to critics this past weekend. And what did these critics think? While they weren't quite squirting in their pants with joy, everyone across the board seemed to think that Gotham was verging on awesome. Here are just a couple:

From Crave Online:

The “Gotham” pilot seems like it’s an hour or so away from being a pretty good Batman movie. We’re just not going to get to the part where Batman Begins Again until perhaps the very end of this series. But director Danny Cannon gives “Gotham” an impressive scope and this feels like it could have been a theatrical release … The two most effective turns are Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot (aka The Penguin), a member of Fish’s gang and Cory Michael Smith’s Edward Nygma, the future Riddler who is currently working for the Gotham police as a forensic scientist.

And the LA Times' critic:

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