Here come the sectarian atrocities. As ISIS makes its way to Baghdad, it looks like police may have summarily executed 44 Sunni prisoners north of the capital, rather than give them up to the rebels. And in Baghdad itself, bodies are just sort of turning up in the streets, along with theories about Sunni-v-Shiite motives that put them there.

Meanwhile, the US has moved a cornucopia of deadly toys into the region. “Militarily, we can do just about anything we want. The question is, to what end?”

The president of Portland's rank-and-file police union is publicly chafing over new rules that allow a wing of the City Auditor's Office to directly investigate police actions. Daryl Turner complains the Independent Police Review Division is "trampling" on his members' rights.

Multnomah County wanted ideas for what to do with its empty, untouched Wapato Jail. It... got some. And officials are going to keep on looking.

To the extent that anyone owns the sea, the US owns the most of it—something like 13 percent of all ocean area controlled politically. President Obama's about to announce large-scale expansions to protect marine plants and wildlife in that area. Cue aggrieved harumphing about "this imperial presidency."

Oh, this delightful, depressing account of Koch-Brother-Themed institutions in Koch-dominated Wichita. Stroll through the Koch Habitat Hall at the Great Plains Nature Center (fracking not mentioned). Marvel at the wonders of nature at the Koch Orangutan and Chimpanzee Habitat!

Speaking of the plains, the Nebraskan hamlet of Pilger is the latest town to be nearly demolished by tornadoes. Rare side-by-side tornadoes at that.

The chicanery used to achieve tougher voting standards in many conservative-led states since 2010 is getting much-needed straight talk from the courts. Largely because no one can prove voter fraud is a problem. Because it's not a problem. Because the problem the people behind these laws are actually trying to solve is minorities and the poor voting.

Unbelievable news, everybody.




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