Last year was the first for Forest for the Trees, an initiative founded to bring in a mix of local and international artists to paint permanent murals on walls around the city—walls that for many years were off-limits for such projects thanks to some legal challenges. The first year resulted in 10 completed walls by artists from Australia and Canada as well as Portland, which now adorn locations like ADX and Gigantic Brewing Company. This year they're shooting for more than a dozen new projects with 20 artists from here and abroad, to not only make the city more visually interesting but to forge new relationships between Portland and visiting artists. Due to take place in August, the 2014 version is well on its way, but they are trying to raise some cash for supplies and lift rentals, and plane tickets. With five days left they're at 57% of their goal, so if you're into what they're doing, check out the ask video, which also shows you some of the progress they've already made with last year's installment: