I've never seriously considered going back to school, precluded as it is by the fear of taking on (more) debt. If it were free? Of course I'd go, and I bet you would too. That seems to be what the organizers of PDX Skillshare are betting on. PDX Skillshare is a day of free education being held July 12 at George Middle School in St. Johns, where more than 70 classes will be taught—for free. Topics are certainly diverse, ranging from forensic anthropology to business advisement, researching the history of your home, planning and cooking meals, and shiatsu massage, to screenprinting and robotics. Each class is taught in 50-minute installments, starting every hour on the hour from 1-6 pm, so you should be able to cobble together a nice, well-rounded little day of self-improvement. (They're still looking for more teachers, too, if that's your bag.) It's modeled after skillshares in other communities, and I betcha if this one goes well we'll see more opportunities like this popping up on the calendar.

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