And now a public service announcement from the I, Anonymous Blog about not breaking someone's window out to rescue an overheated dog:

Dear Dog lover: Please stop calling the animal emergency line every time you see a dog in a car.

A. Multnomah county after hours has ONE company they contract with after 5p and the ONE officer does not respond to anything that isn't an INJURED house pet (this does not mean hot) or a violent animal THAT HAS ATTACKED a HUMAN...and this has to be called in by a police officer.

B. Calling after hours and screaming at operators who have no more control of these rules than you do is idiotic. They are not going to give you permission to commit a felony by breaking car owners said window.

Hear that? So sloooowly put down the crowbar (or just wait by the person's car and use it on them when they return). Got any advice for the world? Send it, along with your rants and confessions, to the I, Anonymous Blog—where no one does anything ever.