DANCE—You like your dance nights sweaty, bangin', and most of all DIRTY. So you owe it to yourself to check out Pulla Muscle—a butt-swangin' dance party featuring hot 'n' nasty rap tracks that cover New Orleans bounce and Miami bass, as well as twerks from LA's DJ Mustard. And it's all being spun by the sure hands of DJs Nathan Detroit, Freaky Outty, and Cooky Parker. WSH
Tonic Lounge, 3100 NE Sandy, 9 pm, $5

CIDERS—It's that time of the year, when it's finally socially acceptable to lounge around outside and drink copious amounts of cider. Cider Summit Portlandis a two-day fest filled with 140 different ciders from all over the world. So bring a drinking pal and prepare to imbibe scrumptious fruity ciders 'til the sun goes down, or you fall down... whichever happens first. CF
The Fields Neighborhood Park, NW 10th & Overton, Fri 3-8 pm, Sat noon-6 pm, $25-35 (includes tasting glass, eight tasting tickets)